About “Ruden” Co.

Limited Liability Company “ALENRUD” works under the trademark “RUDEN” which was established in 2003. Today our company has more than 300 types of confectionery, namely: oatmeal cookies, shortbread cookies, cookies with a variety of fillings, biscuits with condensed milk, waffles, muffins, rolls, candies. We continuously improve these products and start new types of products.


The main priority of our trademark “RUDEN” is the policy of maintaining high quality and product safety.


The quality of raw materials and the quality of finished products at all stages of production is controlled by our own laboratory. All production of the company is made on the basis of qualitative raw materials, which is why the storage period has certain limitations. We successfully sell our products in Ukraine. “RUDEN” trademark works for the consumer, not for the warehouse of finished products, we value our clients, we guarantee quality and stability in deliveries. Our managers can always provide advice on assortment issues and help to orient in a wide range of products.


“ALENRUD” Company is open for cooperation both with buyers and suppliers of quality raw materials.





For active participation in the national exhibition action “Colorful Ukraine – 2011” and personal contribution to the development of the regional economy and prosperity of Zhytomyr region.


For participation in the national exhibition “Colorful Ukraine 2012” and significant contribution to the formation of a positive image of Zhytomyr region.


For the use of traditional technologies and natural raw materials at the “Rye for Peace” Bread Festival